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Visa Kupias

CEO & Co-Founder

+358 40 7440070



Aino Aarnio-Juurinen

CTO & Co-Founder

+358 50 3286113



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Our Advisors


Jussi Mikkonen

Engineering and Innovation


Ike Rings

Business Development

Our Story

AVANTO® is a Finnish company that was founded in 2016 because we realized that the market is missing an actor that could provide well-designed heating technology for the clothing industry. Unlike every other technology company in the field, AVANTO® is led by designers. Our team has worked together since 2013 and prior to that have years of experience with high-tech clothing and product development processes. We create revolutionary infrared heating technology that not only functions well but also looks and feels good.


Resistance heated clothing is characterized by high power consumption and requirements of cables and pass throughs. Heating technology used by AVANTO® is based on infrared radiation, where the heat permeates deep into the tissues of the user. The heating system functions wirelessly with no cables attached.


In the future combining technology and clothing will increase dramatically. It requires skill and understanding to be able to create a seamless combination between the electronics and the garment. AVANTO® offers a solution for this combination in the field of heated clothing.